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Tibaldi Infragible Rich Black Fountain Pen
Tibaldi Infragible Rich Black Fountain Pen
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Crown Days

Crown Days - 20% discount on everything!

Traditions are there to be honoured and especially during this difficult period we would like to make it more fun to shop ... we do that with a 20% discount on our ENTIRE assortment!

Whether it is a luxury fountain pen, a bottle of ink, handmade paper or a pocket knife, with discount code CROWNDAYS2020 you will receive a 20% discount up and until Monday June 1st and during these days you can use the code as often as you like!

Strong together

Strong together - together against Corona

The La Couronne du Comte team introduces "Strong together", focused on togetherness and strong together against Corona. In the coming weeks we will have targeted actions to connect and help people!
We continue to support the Dutch flower sector and we hope to bring a bit of colour and happiness in people's lives. The Dutch flower sector has been hit hard by the crisis, which is why we are giving away gift cards to support the sector. If your order number ends at 0, you will automatically receive the gift card. If you live abroad, we understand that you cannot use the voucher and you will receive a different gift. Strong together!

The cultural sector was also hit hard by the crisis, museums had to close, performances could no longer take place and many more felt the impact of the Covid-19 crisis. One of the museums that is hit the most is the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, not only now with the closure but the future will also present enough challenges, for instance on how to offer enough space to visitors of the museum in comparison to the previously large visitor flow. We will support the museum with a donation and we will also give away a number of free tickets for the moment the museum opens again.

Earlier we supported:

Strong together

Earlier we supported a local organization, based in our hometown:
Dierenpark de Oliemeulen has been a well-known name in Tilburg for more than 33 years, but it has become an uncertain time for the employees and the 750 animals. They depend entirely on the number of visitors for their income and now that they too have had to close the doors, this income is completely lost. In the meantime, the costs continue as usual, because the animals have to eat, the lamps must light up and someone must be able to continue caring for the animals.

If this continues, they will no longer be able to continue to care for the exotic pets that can no longer be cared for or want to be cared for. With contributions, small or large, they can continue to feed the animals and hopefully open the doors again in the future.

La Couronne du Comte supports them with a sum of money and we also raffle a number of annual subscriptions among our customers, which can be enjoyed as soon as the animal park is open again.

Strong together

We supported the Luisterlijn. An organization that is badly needed in these times. In the middle of the night, early in the morning or on a public holiday, the Luisterlijn is available day and night, all year round, for people who need a (confidential) conversation.

Now that the Dutch government has called for as much as possible to stay at home and to avoid contact with the elderly, people are contacting the Luisterlijn en masse. Every day, volunteers conduct about 1,200 conversations per day by telephone and over 150 via chat. That is more than 30% more than usual. More than half of the conversations are about corona. In order to have as many conversations as possible, volunteers work extra hours. Read more about it on

Strong together

Earlier we offered a 15% discount on selected stationery to send a card or letter to your loved ones and connect with them. In addition, 15% of that proceeds were to donated by us to charity and the chosen charity was CliniClowns! The action was such a succes that we decided to double our donation. Strong together!

About CliniClowns and Corona
CliniClowns do everything they can to make sure that sick children, children with a disability and people with dementia can be themselves again. CliniClowns employs over 95 professionally trained clowns, professional actors and actresses who specialize in "Health Care Clowning".
Corona also caused the need for adjustments at CliniClowns. Since Friday March 13, all clowns have been withdrawn from hospitals and institutions. That doesn't mean they don't play: all visits now take place digitally via the CliniClowns App.
Especially at this time it is important that the target groups of the CliniClowns can be approached and that is why La Couronne du Comte supports them wholeheartedly!