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La Couronne du Comte supports War Child

Children do not belong in a war, never. Nevertheless, millions of children all over the world have to deal with the consequences of armed conflicts.

War Child is providing life-changing support to the most vulnerable children whose families, communities and schools have been torn apart by war. War Child's vital work includes:

Protection: Creating safe spaces where children can escape from battlefields or dangers of life on the streets.

Education: Getting children into school or informal education after conflict or poverty has cost them the chance of an education.

Livelihoods: Helping young people and their families learn the vocational skills they can earn a sustainable income from.

Advocacy: Helping children get their voices heard and their rights met, and helping local people to protect their children better.

La Couronne du Comte is Business Friend of War Child. As a Business Friend we support the Building Skills Changing Futures (BSCF) programme. The BSCF programme offers youngsters a chance to have a proper future: they are being educated and learn skills to help them get a job and earn a sustainable income.

Dennis van de Graaf, owner of La Couronne du Comte, about the choice for War Child: "The product we sell is inextricably connected with education, and we cannot emphasise enough that writing is not only an important way to express yourself, but also helps develop fine motorics and train your memory. Over here, most schools embrace good writing education, but sadly enough it is not self-evident all over the world. With supporting War Child, La Couronne du Comte is able to help with the education of youngsters, who never received a proper education because of war: the youth is the future, we truly believe in that!"

Are you interested in helping War Child? Help can be given in many ways! Please contact us and we will redirect you!