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Sailor King of Pens Yu-Nami Fountain Pen (Limited Edition)
Nature has always provided us with some spectacular images and colors and the changing hues and shades especially at sunset and sunrise (dawn) have always inspired artistic impression.
Urushi Maki-e Artist – Wataru Kurotobi has again taken unusually abstract views of both these events and has drawn inspiration from his study of the forests and the ocean surf at sunset and at dawn. In particular, the variation of colour, light and shade over time has been captured by his artwork for this special Limited edition series prepared by Sailor.

The artist has used the traditional Urushi decoration technique known as Saya-Nuri or Kawari–Nuri. This technique is said to have its origins back in the fief system of the Edo period 1615-1868 when local craftsmen used a range of techniques to decorate the sword scabbards and make them noticeably different. With the abolition of the wearing of swords in public in 1876 this Urushi technique was applied to other small items.

The Yu-nami Pen
The fourth in the series of unique designs is the ‘Yu-nami’ (surf at sunset). Sunset has arrived and the last glimmers of light reflect on the surf with the changing shades of red and gold in the waves. The artist has perfectly captured and recreated the colours of the ocean scene at sunset.
Firstly several base coats of black Urushi laquer are applied followed by the red color Urushi using the Hakeme–nuri process and then the addition of selected gold leaf and clear lacquering using Bokashi-nuri techniques. Then more red and pink Urushi complete the Hakeme design and it is then ground (abraded) and the surface finally polished.

A special 33 piece Limited Edition maki-e Fountain Pen, King of Pens size, in Ebonite with gold accents and a solid 21K gold nib has been specially chosen for this artistic masterpiece.

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