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Pjotr Spica Virginis Gold Silver Fountain Pen (3D Print -
Please note: this is a special limited edition available per special order only and exclusively available through La Couronne du Comte.

After more than three years, required to overcome various technological challenges, the limited edition Spica Virginis fountain pen from Pjotr by Rein van der Mast was introduced in titanium: a fountain pen completely printed with a 3D printer, including the patent pending nib! Now, Pjotr innovates further.

Resembling an ear of wheat and named after the brightest star in the constellation Virgo, where the virgin holds a bunch of spikes, this spectacular creation has an 搊pen frame. This is only possible by constructing this pen using a 3D printer.

Extra unique to the pen is the 3D nib (patent pending), completely printed as well. The nib is printed with the slit included: it is the first time that a fountain pen nib is created in this way. 3D printing allows for the creation of very complex ink channels and can precisely affect the way the nib interacts with the paper. The nib itself writes wonderfully, it is comfortable and reliable, the 3D design makes it also stunning to see. Upon request, we can arrange for the nib width to specification.

Printed pen case
Also the pen case is extraordinary. Its structure is very complex and called a 憀attice, printed in nylon for the gold plated version and in alumium for the 18 karat gold versions. Structures like this are only feasible by 3D printing. Common benefits are in better stiffness-to-weight ratio. Apart from this, it makes for a stunning desk accessory.

Limited Edition
Only 100 pieces of the pen will be manufactured. Each pen will have its serial number included in the 3D print of the barrel. The pen uses standard international cartridges or a converter.

Interested to see the pen in person?
We can imagine you want to see this extraordinary creation in person, therefore we have been graciously given a prototype for our store to show. You are more than welcome to visit our store and hold it in person.

About the designer, Rein van der Mast
Shortly after Van der Mast had introduced the first 3D printed fountain pen ever made, he became the Manager Design & Engineering of a Dutch start-up called Additive Industries. Today this company has sold several of its impressive machines. Its clients are well known firms in aerospace and automotive. There he was able to extend his skills in additive manufacturing, another term for 3D printing. Van der Mast: 揑n case of the Spica Virginis design has priority over technology. Back in 2013 it was the other way around. To demonstrate the potential of 3D printing in customization he started with one of a kind designs.

Unique highly detailed pens by Pjotr
The Dutch brand Pjotr, founded by Rein van der Mast, is your brand for state of the art, highly technical and outstanding 3D printed pens.
Pjotr creates theme-based, sculpture-like fountain pens. They are entirely unique. Even in the case of copies, there is still a great variety. Every pen of Pjotr is truly one of a kind.
You can create your own 3D printed pen. Pjotr抯 fountain pens are theme-based. Devise the theme you like best and then, with your approval, Pjotr generates a true sculpture that matches your theme, digitally at first and tangibly in the end. This always results in a striking collector抯 item, as well as an outstanding and appealing piece of writing equipment.

Have your own special pen
Are you interested in acquiring a pen made by Pjotr, perhaps one that is readily available, or a new design created by yourself and Pjotr? Then please contact us. The costs depend on the complexity. Pjotr and we would be pleased to provide you with a proposal, without any further obligation.