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Leonardo Furore Passion Red GT Rollerball Pen
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Pjotr Cavalry Fountain Pen (3D Print)
The first fountain pen made by Pjotr is in itself a brilliant collector抯 item. Its theme is Cavalry. Not only the theme and elaboration are totally unique, the techniques are also very challenging and highly innovative, if not to say revolutionary: this is the first 3D printed luxury pen in the world! The result is a remarkably detailed three-dimensional shape, in the form of a classic sculpture created by a jeweler.

Because the patron saint of cavalry is Saint Georges, the pen added the depiction of the famous legend, which includes a princess, a man named George and a dragon with appatite. It also includes elements of traditional cavalry (swords, lances, uniforms and horses) and modern cavalry (tanks and regiments), in three dimensions, as well as two lines from an old French adage: 揂 nos femmes, nos chevaux.
The cassette or pen case (also 3D printed) resembles a traditional giberne or cartridge pouch, which today is a silver attribute of many Dutch cavalry officer抯 ceremonial uniforms. Just like the fountain pen, it includes its owner抯 initials or monogram.

Unique highly detailed pens by Pjotr
The Dutch brand Pjotr, founded by Rein van der Mast, is your brand for state of the art, highly technical and outstanding 3D printed pens.
Pjotr creates theme-based, sculpture-like fountain pens. They are entirely unique. Even in the case of copies, there is still a great variety. Every pen of Pjotr is truly one of a kind.
You can create your own 3D printed pen. Pjotr抯 fountain pens are theme-based. Devise the theme you like best and then, with your approval, Pjotr generates a true sculpture that matches your theme, digitally at first and tangibly in the end. This always results in a striking collector抯 item, as well as an outstanding and appealing piece of writing equipment.

Have your own special pen
Are you interested in acquiring a pen made by Pjotr, perhaps one that is readily available, or a new design created by yourself and Pjotr? Then please contact us. The costs depend on the complexity. Pjotr and we would be pleased to provide you with a proposal, without any further obligation.

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