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Tibaldi Infragible Taupe Grey Fountain Pen
Tibaldi Infragible Taupe Grey Fountain Pen
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Pininfarina Leonardo Da Vinci 500th Codex Pen
The Codex project takes inspiration from the “Cryptex”, invented by Dan Brown in his bestseller “The Da Vinci Code” and attributed by the writer to Leonardo da Vinci. The name Cryptex, born from the union of “cryptology” and “codex”, is an imaginary device that in its inside conceals information, reachable by picking the correct sequence of letters among those present on the five rotating disks in marble. Once the letters that make up the code are aligned, the corresponding internal notches are arranged in such a way as to allow the opening of the cylinder. A suggestive and fascinating idea, that Pininfarina dedicates to all the fans of the “Da Vinci Code” and to all those who like to think that the creation of Cryptex is really born from the genius of Leonardo, to relive a little of the mystery evoked by the novel. A coffer able to enclose an object, preserving it as a precious treasure, far from the eyes; an iconic product that completes a design desk, giving it an elegant and mysterious character.

The technique of the writing instrument is unique by itself: the pen has a precise stroke like a pencil, an elegant design and it is distinct by the innovation that only Pininfarina gives to its products. The special Ethergraf tip, a patented metal alloy, allows it to write infinitely, with no ink and no refill. The mark left is very particular, it seems like a pencil but it cannot be erased like a pen and is smudge-free, this makes the writing instrument unique in the world.

About Pininfarina
Excellence in shape is Pininfarina's target. A fusion between creative soul and technical rationality, condensed in a pure but ethical writing strokes, not needing to be supported by ink and for this reason, eternal. With its pure and essential shape, Pininfarina design goes beyond simple usage and is designed to be a symbolic object, the direct path from mind to paper for sketching bright ideas.

€ 600,00