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Edison Pen Pearlette Fingerpaints Fountain Pen
Edison Pen Pearlette Fingerpaints Fountain Pen
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D-Parmy Pu Rollerball / Ballpoint Pen
Pu (from the French "Pois") is a large-size pen with a clean, classic line, hand-made in solid ebony wood, inlaid manually with maple wood.
Ebony is a dark, compact hardwood that comes from different species of trees of the genus Diospyros of the Ebenaceae family. The most sought-after quality, due to its black colour and very fine grain, is found in Diospyros ebenum and Diospyros melanoxylon, which are native to the Indian subcontinent.
The metal components of the pen are all in high-alloy gold-plated brass.

Intarsia, or inlay, is a type of decoration created by combining small pieces of wood or other materials of different colours. Already widely practiced in the 14th century, inlay reached its maximum flourishing between 1440 and 1550. Up to the end of the 15th century, inlay was an art form practiced mainly in Italy. It later spread beyond the Alps.

About D-Parmy
D-Parmy is located in Novellara, near Reggio Emilia, in Italy. Thanks to the expert craftsmanship D-Parmy is able to create exceptional writing instruments. The wood turning and assembly of the components.