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Edison Pen Pearlette Fingerpaints Fountain Pen
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Onoto British Museum The Rosetta Stone Fountain Pen
A beautifully crafted Sterling Silver Pen detailing the inscription on The Rosetta Stone artefact exhibited at The British Museum in London.
The Rosetta Stone has three different inscriptions. Hieroglyphic (suitable for a priestly decree), demotic (the native script used for daily purposes), and Greek (the language of the administration). Soon after the end of the fourth century AD, when hieroglyphs had gone out of use, the knowledge of how to read and write them disappeared.
In the early years of the nineteenth century, some 1400 years later, scholars were able to use the Greek inscription on this stone as the key to decipher them. Thomas Young, an English physicist, was the first to show that some of the hieroglyphs on The Rosetta Stone wrote the sounds of a royal name, that of Ptolemy. The French scholar Jean-Fran鏾is Champollion then realized that hieroglyphs recorded the sound of the Egyptian language and laid the foundations of our knowledge of ancient Egyptian language and culture.

The pen has an 18 karat gold nib and uses standard international cartridges or a converter.

About Onoto
In the history of writing instruments, Onoto stands proud as a name synonymous with innovation and quality. Since its foundation in 1905, Onoto fountain pens have been associated with three specific qualities: firstly, its essential Britishness; secondly, its manufacturing ingenuity and thirdly, its global marketing success.
Onoto became one of the most famous British fountain pen brands in the world, and, records show Onoto pens were used by Winston Churchill, Field Marshal Haig, Natsume Soseki (Japanese writer), Florence Nightingale, and Queen Mary to name just a few.

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