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Fountain Pen Nibs
Which nib is suitable for me?

The choice for a nib is a personal one, but there are some guidelines: when you have a fine handwriting, small and precise, than probably the best choice is a finer nib(F or EF*), but when your handwriting is somewhat more exuberant, you probably want to choose a broader nib (M, B or DB/BB*).

A lot of people go the middle way and choose a size M nib.

* below we have a list of nib sizes (estimates). Please note that with every brand these sizes can deviate from each other and that handmade nibs are always unique and therefore have unique sizes.

XF (Extra Fine) 0,25 - 0,30 mm
F (Fine) 0,35 - 0,40 mm
M (Medium) 0,65 - 0,70 mm
B (Broad) 0,75 - 0,85 mm
DB/BB (Double Broad) 0,95 - 1,00 mm

We offer the possibility to test your nib at our location: you can then see for yourself if the nib suits your writing preferences.
Was the pen sent to you by mail, but you prefer a different nib? No problem, in most cases we can change your nibs as well. When you have not used your pen nor inked it with a cartridge or a converter, but only tested the nib by dipping the nib in fountain pen ink, then we can change the nib for you. Special ordered or grinded nibs cannot be changed.