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Pininfarina Leonardo Da Vinci 500th Set
Pininfarina Leonardo Da Vinci 500th Set
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Namiki Emperor Urushi Black No. 50 Fountain Pen
The Namiki Emperor Urushi Collection brings the large size No.50 pen nib (18 karat gold) fountain pen of the early 1930’s, dubbed “No.50 Jumbo”, to the present. The ink stopping function is also the same as that of the original. The beauty is deepened by using non-oil lacquer for the final coat and a polishing method called “ Roiro Urushi Shiage (Non-oil lacquer finish)”, where the process of repeatedly rubbing in raw lacquer after polishing with a special charcoal.

About Namiki
From a culture that has revered the art of writing for more than a thousand years comes instruments that celebrate both writing and art. For the Namiki Collections, skilled Japanese artisans use the finest materials to create a line of writing instruments that look beautiful and perform flawlessly. However, superior craftsmanship is just the beginning. For as beautiful as they are, Namiki writing instruments are designed to be used. A precision nib and superior ink and lead delivery systems ensure an exceptionally smooth stroke and clean line. In every aspect, Namiki redefines quality in premium writing instruments.

For the collector and connoisseur, Namiki is a revelation. For the valued client, friend or family member, it will be the gift of a lifetime. For every creative endeavor, Namiki is the ultimate writing tool.

€ 2.150,00
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