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Cross ATX Sandblasted Blue Ballpoint Pen
Cross ATX Sandblasted Blue Ballpoint Pen
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Diplomat Aero Volute Fountain Pen (Limited Edition)
The black and white marbled limited edition Diplomat Aero Volute pen features a Zeppelin-inspired aluminum body with groove-like depressions on the barrel and cap. The unique pattern is made using a hydro dipping marbling technique - the swirling colour dyes are floated on the surface of a solution, then each pen is dipped in, transferring the pattern onto the body of the pen. A protective coating is then placed on the marbled pen. No two are exactly alike!
The pen is limited to only 1.000 pieces world-wide.

The Aero has a satisfying soft sliding click cap that posts securely onto the barrel when writing for the fountain pen and rollerball pen, the ballpoint and pencil have a high quality twist cap.

The fountain pen features a smooth writing #6 JoWo stainless steel nib or two-tone 14kt gold nib, a dark grey grip and trim, and fills via standard international cartridge/converter (converter included).

DIPLOMAT writing instruments have been manufactured using traditional craftsmanship methods since 1922 and are prized by experts as works of art.
The brand's extreme quality requirements explain both the nowadays extremely rare use of full metal casing and the "Made in Germany" specification, which entail an outstanding durability and a rich pen finish.

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