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Kaweco Student 50's Rock Fountain Pen
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Caelograph Alpha Rollerball Pen (Limited Edition)
The Caelograph "Alpha Edition" rollerball pen offers nothing less than the wide open sky. It brings the beautiful spectacle of the heavens to the fingertips, with the stars moving across the celestial canvas like constellations of words across a page.

Studying the sky, striving to understand the universe, reaching for the stars ... since the dawn of time, man has been fascinated by the mysterious cosmos and its incomprehensible vastness.
The Caelograph reveals a section of this unfathomable infinity that defines the present, preserves the past and determines the future. It is as if we hold part of the heavens in the hand.

More than a fine writing instrument and more than an exaltation of space, the Caelograph is a full-blown invention in its own right, an extraordinary tool that underlines the exceptional creativity, technical expertise and craftsmanship of Caran d'Ache. Its mechanism almost seems directly descended from the ancient astronomy instruments such as the Astrolabe and the sun dial.

The Caelograph features a chart of the sky that is delicately engraved on night blue Chinese lacquer impregnated with silver particles. It represents 51 constellations and 353 stars, observable from the Northern hemisphere. The grooves on the cap and the writing block are the hour lines typically found on sun dials.
The clip of the pen takes the form of a compas needle, evoking the ageless link between navigation and astronomy.
A complex mechanism displays the stars and constellations that are visible at any given moment by means of two rings: one is fixed and marked in months; the other rotates to indicate the hour. The semi-transparent sleeve that protects the sky chart carries a horizon line, the compass points and the zenith. With this pen you can easily recognize the constellations that one can see at each moment in every year.

The Alpha Edition is limited to 120 pieces, a reference to the 12 constellations of the zodiac and the 12 months of the year.

The pen comes in an exceptional box, with a compass and an ink well.

lifetime guarantee Caran d扐che, founded in 1924 by Arnold Schweitzer, was a product of Switzerland抯 long history of watchmaking and jewellery manufacture. Today, it is the epitome of superior quality and recognized expertise. Each product is created by hand in the Geneva workshops and brings together the traditional expertise of master craftsmen and the performance of computer-assisted machine tools.