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Frequently Asked Questions - Ink

Below you will find some frequently asked questions on ink. Can you not find your desired answer? Please contact us.

Which nib is suitable for me?

The choice for a nib is a personal one, but there are some guidelines: when you have a fine handwriting, small and precise, than probably the best choice is a finer nib(F or EF*), but when your handwriting is somewhat more exuberant, you probably want to choose a broader nib (M, B or DB/BB*).

A lot of people go the middle way and choose a size M nib.

* below we have a list of nib sizes (estimates). Please note that with every brand these sizes can deviate from each other and that handmade nibs are always unique and therefore have unique sizes.

XF (Extra Fine) 0,25 - 0,30 mm
F (Fine) 0,35 - 0,40 mm
M (Medium) 0,65 - 0,70 mm
B (Broad) 0,75 - 0,85 mm
DB/BB (Double Broad) 0,95 - 1,00 mm


How should I transport my fountain pen?

It is recommended to transport your fountain pen with the nib turned up. This way the ink flows back to the reservoir and prevents drying up of the ink on the nib and clotting the nib.

Travelling by plane asks for an extra security measure: it is recommended to either fill the reservoir of the pen completely or empty and clean the pen entirely. When the ink reservoir is only partially filled, the ink can expand and shrink, which can lead to dripping.


Does a pen really get to know me?

It is certainly no fable, that your pen gets to know you. Writing with the same fountain pen lets the pen become familiar with your style of writing. It is because of this, that you should not lend your pen to anyone else.

Would you like to give your fountain pen to someone as a special gift, than it is best to replace the nib.

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