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Frequently Asked Questions - Ink

Below you will find some frequently asked questions on ink. Can you not find your desired answer? Please contact us.

The ink is clotting the nib, what can I do?

There are a few precautions to be made: always fill the fountain pen with fountain pen ink, place the cap on the pen and keep the pen with the nib turned upside when it is not used.
When the ink is clotting the nib and clogging the feed, you can wash the nib and barrel in cool water (preferably at room temperature).

Also, you have to take care of the ink filling system: flush it thoroughly (only when you do not use cartridges). Please clean your pen with the utmost care: putting a lot of force on the nib can interrupt the steady flow of ink.


Can I ony use ink of the same brand as my fountain pen?

No, not neccessarily. Every ink has its own unique qualities which can enhance the joy of writing: it is a matter of trial and eror. La Couronne du Comte recommendsusing high quality ink. All inks sold by La Couronne du Comte are of the highest standards and qualities.

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